Although most items displayed have Paratrooper logos, please contact us & enquire about any other logos & different colour items as well.

Welcome to the official site of the Paratrooper & Military Veterans Shop

Headed by ‘Wit’ Willem Pretorius, we are the premier supplier of any and all military and paratrooper memorabilia, attire, mementos, and nostalgic collectables.

Our purpose is to help reunite our brothers, in our own way, by bonding together in proudly showing the world the remnants of our service. We should be proud to display these items and tokens of a time spent together in some of life’s harshest conditions. We, as paratroopers and military veterans, were chosen to defend those who could not defend themselves, and also honour those who gave their lives for the calling.

The Paratrooper & Military Veterans shop is not purely about commerce, but it is about solidarity. We hope to bond together once again this way, not in the face of war, but in memory.

We welcome all of you, those who served with us or those who wish to spoil their loved ones who did so, to browse through our online shop and hopefully pick out that one, or more than, item that you or they might treasure.

From a fellow brother, we thank you for your support.

Ex Alto Vincimus!

Our Featured Products

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